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Size Guide

Dog in a Box

Just like their fellow humans, dogs come in many shapes and sizes. We have drafted  a list of size categories below to help our customers decide which coats may be best for their furry friends.  

Small Terrier

X Small

Miniature terrier, Chihuaua



Toy Poodle, Miniature Terrier, Chihuaua

Jack Russel


Jack Russell, Pomeranian, Westie, Pug, Dashcund, Yorkshire Terrier,Border Ter

French Bulldog


French and English Bulldog, Schnauzer, Bichon Frise, Pug, Jack Russell,Corgi

Image by Anjuli Anjuli

X Large

Beagle, Cockapoo ,Staff, Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell, Bichon Frise

Dalmatian Dog

XX Large

Poodle, Dalmatian, Husky, Border Collie, Rottweiler

Size guide.png
Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo

XXX Large

German Shepherd, Doberman, Boxer, Alaskan Malamute

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